So I’ve been doing some wordpress work for some freelance clients recently and it seems likethe last year some cool stuff has happened with WordPress. This move to wordpress 3.0 seems very worth it. I’m just looking forward to more themes to be developed to take advantage of it.

Just found this wu wei theme that I like visually, but it it going to take sometime to adapt it to really work for me… we’ll see if I do that as I still don’t feel any huge compuslion to blog.

Who knows.

I guess now that it is the holidays, I have seen a spike in traffic of people finding this site searching for information about “sabering/beheading/cutting off the top of” a champagne bottle.  Over 20 people in the last 30 days.  Apparently my post from last spring, beheading a champagne bottle has been a hit with Google… fun.

I am hopeful (yet cynical) that we will take this current economic recession and learn to live within our means, not go EVEN farther in debt.  This video takes it even a step farther and encourages us to give but to give less materially and more meaningfully.

[via joshuablankenship]

Photo of St. Louis

I’m sure I’ll write or twitter more about this trip, but for now, a few “worthy” photos have made it up to flickr, so go check them out.