Liverpool visited Everton this week. Since both teams are in the same city, the match is refered to as a “derby” (pronounced “darby”). This is the longest standing derby in English football and the heat of the match can be intense.

Sadly a good match of football was heavily marred by the ref making decidedly lopsided calls in favor of Liverpool. Hibbert’s foul on Gerrard looked like a shoulder to shoulder hit, right on the line of the box, but I can see the ref calling that a PK and a yellow. Interestingly enough, you can see the ref pull out the yellow card, and then Gerrard talks him into the red (and Everton goes down to 10). Unreal.

Dirk Kuyt’s PK was good and the game is tied. Dirk then should have been escorted off with a red for his “leg-breaking” tackle (both legs cleats up) against Neville, however after a long talk with the ref, the ref is once again talked into only giving Dirk a yellow. Game should be tied up 1-1 and 10 v 10, but sadly, that is not the case.

In injury time, Neville hands a sure goal off the line and is quite justifiably given a red card for that. Dirk (who shouldn’t be on the field anymore) puts away another PK and the reds go up 2-1.

Even down to 9 men, Everton still managed to push the ball up and Lescott was pulled down on a fantastic scoring opportunity right in front of goal (second time in the game he had been man-handled, but this was the worst). Amazingly enough, not only was there no red card, no PK, there wasn’t even a foul called.

While I know I am biased, check out the video highlights yourself and see what you think… (this video was cut and uploaded by a Liverpool fan and pulled from “redsreview” so don’t claim biased editing or anything.