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I just ran across and was curious to test it out (thus it ends up here).

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I’m trying out a real world SEO experiment with a freelance client right now.  Surplus Sites –  hired me to build a quick brochure site for them.  As a matter of curiousity now, I am curious what SEO techniques may be able to help them increase their rankings…

So far I have tried posting an ad in bowling green kentucky on craigslist, twittering about posting on craigslist, and now blogging about all of them (which should end up on technorati thanks to wordpress, etc)…

Turns out it is pretty easy to manufacture a “quick and dirty” web of links – if the property in Bowling Green, KY gets some increased traffic (thanks google analytics for making this easy), I’ll consider this a victory.   If it leases, I’ll consider it a huge victory, and if nothing happens, I’ll consider it a little bit of lost time while learning about search engine optimization…

I was getting bored with the old style so I’ve spent some time tonight customizing a new template.  Still not happy with this, but it is satisfying my desire for a little change over here.

Job BuddyYes, another installment of one of the more fun recurring tasks I get at work: Job Buddies. I reworked the other graphics as well trying to make the shadows look more like shadows and less like beards.

If anyone has an empty space on their wall for some small artwork (6×6 in. not including a frame), check out A Day’s Work. Molly M. Brose (or Molly McCammon as I knew her back in high school) paints a couple pieces a week and sells them on her website. She has great talent and I’m honored to be the owner of “New Light“…

If you were looking to hire a designer, don’t tell me you wouldn’t at least give this guy an interview. Imagine being an HR person sifting through a stack of resumes and then that gets plopped on your desk. Memorable, purpose driven, humorous, well designed, very well executed (“I HELPED STEPHEN” stickers, coaster, badge, interview postcards) … ingenious.

I also appreciated his design police work. Cute concept for the design snob in each of us with some excellent advice like, “Comic Sans is illegal”, “Turn Hyphenation Off”, and “WARNING: low resolution image.”

Sorry everyone, I forgot to announce this yesterday, but the JobBuddies have gone live.  I still think these guys are cute.  Should be a fun recurring project for me to keep designing new buddies as we continue to add more…

Spent a little time creating these little guys today. They’ll show up on the SAJ site on Wednesday assuming all goes as planned … Very fun.


Google SketchUp 6 is a 3D modeling software tool that’s easy to learn, simple to use, and lets you place your models in Google Earth. Are you remodeling a kitchen, landscaping your back yard or adding a deck to your home? Google SketchUp makes it faster, easier and a lot more fun. From simple to complex, from conceptual to realistic, Google SketchUp helps you see your vision before you build it.”

I’m admittedly intrigued. May have to spend some time playing with this over the weekend. Also interesting to note that they offer a “SketchUp Pro” for $495. I’m curious if this compares to professional level modelling programs (at a fraction of the price). If so, this may justify Adobe’s concern over Google buying Picassa. Maybe there is a Picassa Pro coming soon that will be every bit as robust as photoshop at a fraction of the price…

I can dream can’t I?

Thanks Giselle for sending me this wonderful mockumentary about the developers of MS Paint. Brilliant. This reminds me, I should write Adobe a “thank you” note for creating Photoshop (then again, the outrageous price of their software reminds me that I hate them too).

While Jeremy Cowart is far from a household name, chances are really good if you listen to music or watch tv, you have seen some of his photography. Jeremy just released a new version of his site, which I find quite inspiring (both the site design AND the photography).

Thanks to Joshua Blankenship for pointing this out. Side note, how cool is it that Jeremy actually photographed the recent Blankenship wedding?

Along with Jeremy, Paul Armstrong (flickr) is one of my other favorites. Check these guys out, so good.

Um, holy cow. This music video is amazing. An animated value study built using colored dice to create a really nice pixelated effect.

Andy Rutledge has done a great job verbalizing many of my thoughts about CNN’s redesign.  I can definitely get behind his term “Quiet Structure.”

Here are some interesting photos of macbook pro’s (or powerbooks) that have been laser engraved. I think the homage to Magritte is my favorite.

This will likely blow it away.  Adobe is going to put Photoshop online!!!  That will save me some $ if it is any good.

Here is an extensive presentation on form design and usability.  While most around here will have no interest in this presentation, my friends over at my old job may want to check this out.  I still haven’t made it all the way through it, but around slide 15 it gets pretty practical…

For those of you in the field, take a couple minutes and take this survey from ALA. i-took-the-2007-survey.gif

I would like to thank Don Imus for his idiotic comments and the mainstream media for their enthusiastic dead-horse beating … if it weren’t for them, I may have forgotten to let you all know that I have just recently joined my first “professional association” – the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (or NAPP).

That’s right ladies and gents, I’m unionized, so watch out! Well it isn’t a union, it is an organization dedicated to training its community about the my favorite program, Adobe Photoshop.  Now that I am finally in a job where design work is a primary responsibility of mine (and not a little side project), I figured it was time to get serious about staying up to date on the latest with the program, as well as the thousands of tips and tricks from other users (and magazine subscriptions, etc).

I attended a training seminar put on by NAPP this week and it was EXCELLENT (and only $99!!!).   I am very excited about taking my understanding of this tool to the next level.

My current employer just launched its new and improved design, so go check out the new look…

I had some say in the design and a lot of work in the implementation. It is a lot bolder, and IMO a lot more intuitive, especially on the employer side. While you are there, check out the new bios page … I work with some pretty cool (and impressive) people (and the designs on that page are all mine).

Once I figured out the poor navigation, I realized this site has some wonderfully artistic photos of “Unexpected and Neglected Architecture.” I love this concept for a series and think there is something heartbreaking yet remarkably gorgeous about the way that time, weather, gravity, and neglect have altered these once proud structures.