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In case anyone is curous about “The Dark Knight” (the next installment of the new and improved Batman saga), some photos have appeared on flickr.  No spoilers (that I am aware of) but it looks like the Tumbler is back, and this time it has a friend.  Also, Heath Ledger as the Joker looks like it could be a stroke of genius.

I saw the new Bourne movie over the weekend and I loved it.  But this is not really about the movie, as much as it is the ad campaign… How interesting is it that they put a 15ft x 50ft billboard saying “Bourne comes home” on the side of Matt Damon’s NYC apartment building (where he literally “comes home” every day).  While I’m sure he probably is used to it, how surreal would it be to come home to a 10x life-sized version of you every day.

The classic 80’s movie Short Circuit superstar robot “Johnny 5” is going to be auctioned off for a mere 6 figures in August… Just don’t try to “disassemble.”

A guy dressed as Borat crashed the tour de france… High Five!

This just about made me cry. Our friends over at “Will it blend” have taken on the latest pop culture icon, the iPhone.

When you can’t seem to find just the right words to express your love for your mum, let Mr. T do it for you!  Sadly I didn’t find this in time for Mother’s Day…

For someone like me who believes in man’s inherit depravity, not innocence, movies like the “Saw” franchise are very disturbing. Yes, the graphic violence is hard to take, but with this franchise in particular, something else was far more bothersome … unlike other movies that use violence as a way to “futher” the plot, Saw is less about the actual violent act as it is the shear terror of the victim leading up to the act.

Despite the “R” rating, kids are the ones that enjoy these sorts of movies. And we already have a winner for the first kids to copycat this film. “Thankfully” it was just a prank, but even the prank terrorized this poor woman enough to cause a stroke. Ironically, this happened in Nashville … the capitol of the bible belt.

While the music is unimpressive, this is a must watch video for any Karate Kid (or 80’s pop culture) fan.