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A gem from Relevant… so if Canada is America’s hat, is it fair to assume that we are Canada’s ‘Jorts’?

If you’re going to be in the Orlando area March 8, this party will likely be worth checking out:

Remember 80’s music? Some of it is pretty hard to forget, despite your best efforts in some cases. If you enjoyed 80’s music (or want to feel nostalgic for a few minutes) check out Armstrong Family Circus’s “Best of the 80’s”. Good stuff.

I still get goosebumps hearing “Kyrie Eleison” by Mr. Mister.

Um, holy cow. This music video is amazing. An animated value study built using colored dice to create a really nice pixelated effect.

Hey friends – let me know if you want tickets to any of these, there is a very high likelihood I can “snag” some free ones.  Perks are fun.

Pete, my college roommate, is the most gifted musician I have ever met. He helped shape many aspects of my life, not the least of which was helping develop and refine my taste and appreciation of music. Having previously turned me on to such gems as Supertramp, Brahms, Galactic, Rush, Peter Gabriel, and Spock’s Beard – when he talks, I listen, and am generally very glad I did. However, when he recently told me that his favorite musician for a while now has been Sarah Groves, I was stunned.

You see, Sarah Groves is the kind of music that is played on contemporary Christian radio. As someone who LOVES rock music (far more than I could ever hope to) I thought Pete shared my distain for anything that has the label “contemporary Christian” on it. Thankfully, Pete doesn’t let labels get in the way of his appreciation of music, and helped me open my eyes. Sarah Groves’ music is remarkable. She has an angelic voice, honest and vulnerable lyrics, and chord progressions and grooves uncharacteristic in the world of contemporary Christian “music”. Check out her new album Add to the Beauty.

The other band I have very recently fallen in love with is Future of Forestry. A relatively new rock band whose sound is more melodic than grunge, many of their songs have an the epic emotionally building sound – similar to Explosions in the Sky or Sigor Ros. Check out Twilight.