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Excellent article from Glenn Beck.  Not sure how much is propaganda, but it is the most straight forward talk about a real issue I have ever heard.  Thanks Glenn.

[thanks to Joshua Blankship for finding this for me]

As I have written before, I like Huckabee. He is very likable, he seems like a natural leader and inspirer, and in an ideal world, I could see him [like Obama] being a great uniter of our country…

However comments like this are an easy way to simply make yourself unelectable.

“I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God. And that’s what we need to do, is to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards, rather than try to change God’s standards.”

You better be very careful Huckabee. You are walking an amazingly fine line here (possibly even crossing it). Personally, I really liked John Mark Reynolds’ take on this in his article, Is Huckabee Confused About the Proper Role of Christianity and Politics?

My candidate of choice, Mike Huckabee, has the endorsement of pop culture laughingstock/icon Chuck Norris on his side.  Yes, “Walker, Texas Ranger” himself has thrown his ‘considerable’ influence behind this dark horse candidate.  Seems like Huckabee is getting some good press recently, and maybe, just maybe he’ll start being viewed as a viable contender to Romney, Thompson, Guilliani, and McCain…
Don’t forget, “Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship.

Madeline McCannI’m not sure exactly what happened that made it so the media over here started paying attention to the “kidnapping” of Madeline McCann, but I’m glad it has happened.

Due to my interest in Premier League Soccer (and Everton) I had been well aware of this situation for a long time. The McCann family lives in Liverpool and Madeline is an Everton fan (and looks as sweet as can be in her Everton jersey).

Her family (parents, Madeline, and twin siblings younger than Madeline) was on vacation in Portugal when Madeline was abducted from their hotel room while the parents dined downstairs.

Tick in eyePutting a “parenting mistake” aside (they should not have left the children alone) – this has been an awful tragedy for the family. Madeline has a very unique “tick” in her right eye that had many encouraged that she would be easily identified if they could get lots of pictures out and media attention. So a website ( was set up immediately and this has been front page news over there for a long time. Many celebrities (David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson, etc) have come out publicly to help raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to donate to the “Find Madeline” fund.

Last photo of MadelineHolding out hope, and wanting to keep attention on the case, Madeline’s parents decided to remain in Portugal until she was found.

Interestingly due to the media craze, Portugal is being portrayed internationally as a dangerous place with an inept police department (can adversely effect tourism) so the government has been exerting political pressure to the police to wrap this up and end it. Due to this pressure and a lack of leads, Madeline’s parents were officially named as suspects (a trace of blood was found in the car they rented).

I find it difficult to believe that her parents were anything more than negligent, but I guess it is possible. I pray that she is still out there though and that someone will find this adorable girl and help reunite this family and let them heal.

I hate politics.  I am a conservative but NOT a republican.  While I don’t think he stands a chance to get out of the primaries, Mike Huckabee has caught my attention.  He isn’t the typical republican puppet – I am hearing “new” ideas from him vs the same old drivel from the rest.  From the little I know (heard a few interviews and read through his site), I like the thought of our country in his hands…