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Not really caring about either the Patriots or the Giants, the superbowl was as much about the commercials as it was the game this year for me. While the game wasn’t filled with the offensive fireworks many expected, it was a great defensive chess match, and proved to actually be a good game.

The commercials however left a lot to be desired. Doritos came through again with the mousetrap, and both etrade baby commercials were huge winners in my opinion. On a side note, I thought Fox did a great job with their own in-game promos with the terminator fighting their football robot, etc. If you’d like to check those promos, or any of the other SB ads, check out the myspace page.

I love weather, I love storms and clouds, and hope to one day take a turn as a storm chaser. I had never heard of a “gravity wave” in the clouds before.