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I am hopeful (yet cynical) that we will take this current economic recession and learn to live within our means, not go EVEN farther in debt.  This video takes it even a step farther and encourages us to give but to give less materially and more meaningfully.

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Over a year ago I wrote about Matt who has traveled the world dancing poorly and loving every minute of it.  Well, he has put out a third video, so I wanted to make sure that my couple readers were aware.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Also, turns out many people have started spoofing his idea, and I was shocked to even see that someone has done it in World of Warcraft too… amazing.

Arguably the most recognizable athlete worldwide.  An amazing footballing talent.  Star midfielder and captain for his international team.  Superstar of Manchester United – the reigning title holder of both the EPL and Champions League and the most valuable sports brand in the world.

If I was writing this 6 years ago, everyone would know I was speaking of superstar David Beckham, right before he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid and is now playing for LA Galaxy.  

An eerily similar script is unfolding before our eyes today, with Cristiano Ronaldo, the new Beckham.  Yes, Ronaldo is flirting with the idea of following in Beck’s footsteps even more by moving to Real Madrid.  If you are interested in this, plenty of sports writers are discussing it, check one of them out.  To be honest, I couldn’t care less.  That’s right, I really don’t care.  

What I do care about regarding this situation is the comments that have been made by FIFA head Sepp Blatter.  Blatter said that Ronaldo should be free to pursue a transfer to Real Madrid rather than be kept to the contract that he signed 18 months ago.  Fine that is all well and good.  However the “Mad Blatter” had to continue talking, and in those remarks, he went on to compare poor Ronaldo’s situation to “modern slavery”.  

Yes, slavery.

When asked about Blatter’s comments regarding slavery Ronaldo, the portugese international said, “I agree with the statements of [Blatter] … What he said is correct.  You know what I said, what I want and what I would like.  Now I have to wait and see what happens.”

Wow. Ronaldo who just signed a 5 year contract a mere 18 months ago feels treated like a slave.  A contract that pays him a mere $238,000 per week.  Yes, I said per week, as in there are 52 of them a year.

To compare this spoiled brat to a slave is an insult to slaves.  Ronaldo makes more money than he and his friends and his family could even think of spending.  He lives like a king in a great country.  He works out and plays a sport he loves 40 weeks of the year, and gets 12 weeks of vacation.  

If he doesn’t like it, he can quit, and go into another line of work (unlike slaves).  Now there isn’t another line of work that can offer him the limelight that his ego craves or a ludacris salary like that… so if he is complaining that the team that is paying him so much has requested that he not play for a rival team, that doesn’t seem like it is asking too much.  

Grow up Cristiano.  What little respect I had for you (off the field) has all officially eroded away.  I hope Man U “puts you out to pasture” by trading you to Real Madrid and you rot in the Spanish sun like so many others have.  

I just ran across and was curious to test it out (thus it ends up here).

Quizzes by

beheaded bottle
While cleaning out the fridge tonight, I ran across an aging unopened bottle of champagne. Instead of just throwing it out, my roommate and I decided to apply some of the valuable knowledge we have learned from Zane Lamprey of Three Sheets, and we “saber”ed it (used a machete and cut the top off or “beheaded” the bottle). Zane does this in the NYC episode (the one not on hulu) but I found this video of someone else doing it. Enjoy!

If you do it right, the pressure of the champagne takes the top cleanly off and it shot about 20 feet across my backyard into my neighbor’s yard. If we can find the top, I’ll post a photo of that as well.

This week I did some research about twitter to see how different entities (companies, organizations, etc) are using Twitter, and stumbled across something interesting. Everyone can now follow the FSM on Twitter. Yes, your very own ‘deity’ now twitters like the rest of us, only I guess it uses a ‘noodly appendage’ instead of fingers…

Seeing as Google has deemed me an expert on Spagnostics and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), I figured I could let all of you who keep finding this blog via searches about this ‘religion’ know about this new development.

My thoughts on this:
I think the ‘church’ of the FSM is sad and makes me very disappointed that it has gained such a cult following. My hope and prayer is that by discussing and thinking about things of faith (even if it starts in a mocking tone) one day, maybe years later, these people may be open to the ideas of a real faith.

So I just activated a new anthem account and once my registration/activation was complete, I was asked to log in to start using the account. I click the “log in” button and am presented with:

Site Unavailable
The online self-service feature you have requested is unavailable at this time. Our regular system operating hours are Monday through Friday from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Saturday from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Now this is a pet peeve of mine, why do “online self-service” sites have operating hours?  The whole point is so I can do it at 2am Saturday if I so choose.  There doesn’t need to be someone at the other end of the line, if you are putting a system online, it should only not be available during server maintenance times… having standard hours of operation for a website is just backwards.  [rant complete]

Google has gained a bit of a cult following amongst us geeks for their “pranks” on the virtual world.  This year, it looks like there are two “releases” today, Virgle and Custom Time.  Custom Time looks legit enough, but not sure (reminds me of the year they “released” gmail but no one believed them.

Who knows.  Keep up the good work…

Happy Cog helped redesign WordPress for the new 2.5 release.  I just upgraded to it, and so far, I think it is nice.  Nothing overwhelming yet, but the UI is far more pleasing.  Looks like they finally have a different way to add videos to, hope that works better than before… I’m going to play around with some things, so the blog may act strange over the next couple days.

So far, I give it a plus for the new colors and cleaned up UI, and I give it a minus for moving the categories checklist from the sidebar to the bottom.  That change doesn’t make any sense at all to me right now…

I’m trying out a real world SEO experiment with a freelance client right now.  Surplus Sites –  hired me to build a quick brochure site for them.  As a matter of curiousity now, I am curious what SEO techniques may be able to help them increase their rankings…

So far I have tried posting an ad in bowling green kentucky on craigslist, twittering about posting on craigslist, and now blogging about all of them (which should end up on technorati thanks to wordpress, etc)…

Turns out it is pretty easy to manufacture a “quick and dirty” web of links – if the property in Bowling Green, KY gets some increased traffic (thanks google analytics for making this easy), I’ll consider this a victory.   If it leases, I’ll consider it a huge victory, and if nothing happens, I’ll consider it a little bit of lost time while learning about search engine optimization…

A notable percentage of Brittish people think that Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Dickens, and many others are fictional characters!!!   In a new study that is difficult to believe, 23% of Britons believe that Churchill was a myth, and 58% believe that Sherlock Holmes was real!  I’m not really sure what else to say, but … ‘wow’.

In fairness, I was 95% sure Florence Nightingale was real, 75% sure of Richard the Lionheart, and it would have been a coin flip on the Duke of Wellington.  I’ve never even heard of Biggles…

Not really caring about either the Patriots or the Giants, the superbowl was as much about the commercials as it was the game this year for me. While the game wasn’t filled with the offensive fireworks many expected, it was a great defensive chess match, and proved to actually be a good game.

The commercials however left a lot to be desired. Doritos came through again with the mousetrap, and both etrade baby commercials were huge winners in my opinion. On a side note, I thought Fox did a great job with their own in-game promos with the terminator fighting their football robot, etc. If you’d like to check those promos, or any of the other SB ads, check out the myspace page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a curious exercise. In layman’s terms, SEO is the set of best practices that you should follow to get information to register (and rank higher) with search engines, most importantly, with Google. I applied some of my learnings on SEO for the November 11th post Tim Cahill’s World-Class Goal (Everton at Chelsea) and the results have been a little surprising…

According to Google Analytics, over the last 4 weeks, nearly 60% of the traffic to this site came from people searching for tim cahill’s goal chelsea (ranked #1 in google), or tim cahill everton goal chelsea (ranked #3) or some other variation of those words. Kind of cool, I hope everyone finding this site looking for that post finds the post helpful and chooses to stick around. I’m happy just to have you peeking in…

And on a very strange note, Google also seems to think that I am an expert on “spagnostics” as I am the #1 ranked item for that search term as well… I’m not really sure what to make of that fact though.

I’m not a huge crossword fan.  Spelling and vocabulary have never been strengths of mine and I tend to not catch all the pop culture references the author throws out as “hints”.  Well I just ran across this crossword puzzle from and found it fascinating.  It is more of a logic problem (hinting of Sudoku) than a “true” crossword.  Look for the patterns and do a little guess and check.  The expert one is really tough, but it was a fun little exercise.  The levels go beginner, easy, normal, hard, and expert. Take a few minutes and see if you can’t knock them all out…

Man I wish I had seen Handbell Hero before Christmas!  For those of you wishing you could get into the phenomenon that is “Guitar Hero“, try this little flash game with some popular holiday tunes.  Great idea…

A quick yet very impressive Christmas tune for you all (looks like it is from Leno some time back)…


This video cracked me up! I love it when people are willing to break with convention to have fun, and bring smiles to others…

Uploaded by nqtv

Well according to this internet quiz, yup, I’m a ‘lush.’ For those of you who know me, you will probably find this as amusing as I did (and for those of you who don’t, I almost never drink)… Oh well. Apply a little logic and this quiz isn’t too difficult.


Google Analytics is a very useful (and free) tool that tells me how many hits this site is getting, as well as what people are reading, how long they stay, what search terms they used (if they came from a search engine), and what countries they come from…  While this little blog doesn’t get much traffic at all, it is fun to check every once and a while.  Obviously the VAST majority of hits are coming from the USA.  Not surprisingly, Canada and Australia (culturally similar and English speaking) and England (EPL/Everton/soccer posts) show up with some frequency.

What I can’t figure out is my recent “bump” of traffic from Iran of all countries? If you happen to be one of my Iranian visitors, welcome to chriswho, and please let me know what you would like to hear about (or how you found me).  Oh, and I’d love to hear your opinion of President Ahmadinejad

In case you haven’t heard or seen this yet, check out this amazing end to the Trinity Millsaps game. 15 total laterals!!! The announcer goes a little overboard at the end, but the play itself is pretty amazing. Cal-Stanford‘s got nothin’ on this one…

For anyone who has spent any amount of time online or on youtube over the last couple years, a number of these should look really familiar. (Give it a second to get past techno viking, and then things pick up…)

My candidate of choice, Mike Huckabee, has the endorsement of pop culture laughingstock/icon Chuck Norris on his side.  Yes, “Walker, Texas Ranger” himself has thrown his ‘considerable’ influence behind this dark horse candidate.  Seems like Huckabee is getting some good press recently, and maybe, just maybe he’ll start being viewed as a viable contender to Romney, Thompson, Guilliani, and McCain…
Don’t forget, “Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship.

For those of you who haven’t seen the web comic, you are missing out. Very clever and creative.  Who would have guessed that humor based on math, philosphy, programming, and anything else nerdy would be so great.  For a small sampling, check out these…

I stumbled upon this article by Brian Kim titled “Top 5 things every extrovert should know about introverts“.  I have no idea about Brian Kim’s credentials, but this article hit the nail on the head from my (admittedly introverted) perspective.  Worth taking a few minutes to read if you want to understand the workings of our sometimes quirky social behavior.

While on this subject, I found an interesting read from USA today a year ago.  “Not all successful CEOs are extroverts” discusses the introvert and extrovert division and how it relates to our business leaders.  While Steve Jobs is on the extroverted end, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and many others find themselves on the introverted side.  

Who doesn’t love google? This 411 (information) service they now offer is pretty darn cool. I’m sure the phone companies love this. This will pair nicely with the google phone (aka “Google Switch”) rumors that abound.

In case you didn’t know, today is a special day – International Talk like a pirate day.  While I don’t much care for silly holidays like this, I figured I’d let you know in case you run into people who take this “seriously” or stumble across things like flickr online…


Flickr (to be known today as “Flick-Arrr”) has decided to celebrate by altering their logo to have a pirate’s flag over the “r”. Well done friends. (I’m a little surprised that Google is not taking advantage of this opportunity as they pioneered the concept of altering your logo to celebrate certain days.

Madeline McCannI’m not sure exactly what happened that made it so the media over here started paying attention to the “kidnapping” of Madeline McCann, but I’m glad it has happened.

Due to my interest in Premier League Soccer (and Everton) I had been well aware of this situation for a long time. The McCann family lives in Liverpool and Madeline is an Everton fan (and looks as sweet as can be in her Everton jersey).

Her family (parents, Madeline, and twin siblings younger than Madeline) was on vacation in Portugal when Madeline was abducted from their hotel room while the parents dined downstairs.

Tick in eyePutting a “parenting mistake” aside (they should not have left the children alone) – this has been an awful tragedy for the family. Madeline has a very unique “tick” in her right eye that had many encouraged that she would be easily identified if they could get lots of pictures out and media attention. So a website ( was set up immediately and this has been front page news over there for a long time. Many celebrities (David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson, etc) have come out publicly to help raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to donate to the “Find Madeline” fund.

Last photo of MadelineHolding out hope, and wanting to keep attention on the case, Madeline’s parents decided to remain in Portugal until she was found.

Interestingly due to the media craze, Portugal is being portrayed internationally as a dangerous place with an inept police department (can adversely effect tourism) so the government has been exerting political pressure to the police to wrap this up and end it. Due to this pressure and a lack of leads, Madeline’s parents were officially named as suspects (a trace of blood was found in the car they rented).

I find it difficult to believe that her parents were anything more than negligent, but I guess it is possible. I pray that she is still out there though and that someone will find this adorable girl and help reunite this family and let them heal.

After reading this repository of insanity, you are ready for any sort of trivia challenge – be it from your local pub or Alex Trebek …

Check out this shockingly accurate (considering it was made back in 1967) clip from the video 1999 A.D.  This film’s creator predicted computer networks, video surveillance, online shopping, personal printers, online bill-pay, even email before their invention (and years or decades before their adoption by society).

Heroes, one of NBC’s hits from this last season intrigued me.  Lots of my friends talked about it, but for various reasons, I never watched – until now.  My roommate and I are running through the first season of Heroes right now and loving it.  Netflix has already sent me the next few discs, so we are good to go and should be done soon (a season’s worth of tv in a couple weeks).

If you have never watched a TV series on DVD, you are missing out.  A plot driven series like Heroes, 24, LOST, or Soprano’s  is best experienced when you can watch it in order, without missing an episode (not unlike a soap opera).    A series like this is perfectly suited for DVD viewing – you get the linear/sequential viewing, as well as not having to wait a week to figure out “what happens next”.  In contrast, character driven sitcoms (Seinfeld, Friends, Simpsons, etc) are kings of syndication because once you know the players, each episode contains its own plot, so the order doesn’t make a difference.

Another benefit of the DVD?  It has been interesting to pause and rewind to see what sort of hidden gems we can find (like Issac Mendes’ paintings, etc.)  Oh yeah, one other thing – NO COMMERCIALS (easily saves 15 minutes per episode).

So give it a try.  Once Heroes is over, I’ve got my eye on Always Sunny In Philadelphia which just came out this week too…

CNN has reported that “Men want hot women.

This revolutionary study ranks up there with women drawn to men with muscles, faraway objects are tougher to see, and smoking cigarettes costs you money.  I’m praying my tax dollars didn’t go to figuring these things out… (Seriously though, how do people get the funding to do this stuff).

As many of you know, I’ve been getting interested in photography lately and am entertaining the idea of getting another camera.  If I do, I’d be looking for an upgrade from my trusty PowerShot A610 – minimum of 8 megapixels, a little more zoom (or an SLR that would let me grow it as much as my wallet will allow).  Maybe something like the EOS 40D, Digital Rebel XTi, or even something like the PowerShot G9 that could give me the simplicity of a point and shoot, with the expanability of an SLR … I honestly don’t know right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any good camera/photography resources? I’d like to do my homework and make an educated decision. I’m familiar with retailers like B&H and Adorama, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear it. I’m accumulating info right now, no purchase is imminent.

So I submit this to the collective knowledge of teh internets. If anyone knows any other good online resources, or has good first hand knowledge of any products (for or against), I love to to hear your stories. I know many of you have a camera or two, what do you like and dislike, etc…

I “personally believe” she truly “such as” has a gift “like” for “and” expressing herself. Third runner up, really? Did she even listen to the question? I’m not sure how she managed to work South Africa and Iraq into this one…

With a little time on my hands, I set up two Google products to work with, Google Analytics and AdSense.

The change you can see is AdSense – it displays those contextually appropriate ads at the top of the page. My traffic numbers are currently low enough I don’t expect to make any actual cash, but I thought it would be a fun experiment to do it, and I’m looking forward to seeing what ads google chooses to serve up based off of my blog post content. So far, it looks like PETA‘s protest ads regarding Michael Vick are winning, but on other pages you can get some others… fun stuff (in an ultra geeky way).

None of you will ever see Analytics, but it is very cool. It is another free tool from google that gives me some impressive reporting on the site’s traffic. Once again, very geeky, but this is my profession, so I should be aware of as many of the tools of the trade as I can.

So far, I’m impressed with the quality and ease of installation/use of both tools. I’m trying to learn more about SEO and monetizing web properties, so I think this is a good way for me to “dip my toe in the water” so to speak. So far, I like what I see.

The Richmond chapter of James Madison Univerity‘s alumni association has a new webmaster for the website –  Yup, Matt and I are taking it over and hope to do something fun with it.  Sadly, we just found out it runs on a pretty rigid custom CMS system (likely some computer science student’s final project).  I look forward to the challenge of figuring out what things I can and can’t get around on this system.  I’ll post again when there is something worth looking at over there.

Something tells me, if nothing else, this could be a fun experiment for showing, hiding, and repositioning content with CSS … Wish me luck!

I love weather, I love storms and clouds, and hope to one day take a turn as a storm chaser. I had never heard of a “gravity wave” in the clouds before.

I always knew there was something I didn’t trust about Michael Vick. Thanks to Jonathan Lee Riches for shining some light on all the wrongs that Vick has committed against him. To think, had I not read this filing, I never would have know that Vick:

  • Violated this man’s rights under the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th amendments (really, the second amendment? how did he affect your right to bear arms?)
  • Attempting to sue for $63 billion, he actually managed to sue for $63 billion billion (backed by gold and silver by the way)
    • $63,000,000,000,000,000,000 – I know player’s salaries are ludicrous, but come on
    • Assuming my math is correct, that is 1300 times more than the combined Gross Domestic Products of every country in the world in 2006!
  • Vick stole two dogs
    • Damaged RFID chips
    • Fought the dogs
    • Sold them on ebay
  • Bought missles from IRAN (didn’t see that coming, did you)
  • Pledged allegiance to Al-qaeda
  • Subjected him to microwave testing
  • Used drugs in school zones
  • Is “in the business of” illegal steroids
  • Managed to “physically hurt feelings” (I’d pay money to know how this is even possible)
  • Is ordered to stop “dashing my hopes”

Wow. Reading that lawsuit was undeniably the highlight of my day. I am a little sorry that Vick will have to spend real time and money fighting these slanderous and obviously false claims, but it brought a little humor to my day.

I saw the new Bourne movie over the weekend and I loved it.  But this is not really about the movie, as much as it is the ad campaign… How interesting is it that they put a 15ft x 50ft billboard saying “Bourne comes home” on the side of Matt Damon’s NYC apartment building (where he literally “comes home” every day).  While I’m sure he probably is used to it, how surreal would it be to come home to a 10x life-sized version of you every day.

While Jeremy Cowart is far from a household name, chances are really good if you listen to music or watch tv, you have seen some of his photography. Jeremy just released a new version of his site, which I find quite inspiring (both the site design AND the photography).

Thanks to Joshua Blankenship for pointing this out. Side note, how cool is it that Jeremy actually photographed the recent Blankenship wedding?

Along with Jeremy, Paul Armstrong (flickr) is one of my other favorites. Check these guys out, so good.

This happy new year message from mono is very cool. (hint, click on the facial features to see others)

Um, holy cow. This music video is amazing. An animated value study built using colored dice to create a really nice pixelated effect.

While I’m not exactly a fan of Steve Jobs, I can’t deny that he has been an influential part of two companies that put out some good products – Apple and PIXAR. Lifted is another “short” from PIXAR that has won some awards, I thought it was really cute.

* sidenote – never heard of this “” site before, but it seems to be yahoo’s competitor to youtube. It is certainly prettier than YouTube (and less cluttered with ads) – but as history tells us, the best product is not necessarily going to win the battle (Virb > MySpace, BetaMax > VHS, OS X > Vista, etc…)

Sadly, Man vs. Wild (aka “one of the greatest shows on tv”) is hasn’t been entirely honest with us.  Bear Grylls (the host) is still one awesome dude (while some of this may be overly dramatic, you can’t fake a lot of the stuff he did).  Even knowing that his crew would leave him for the night and go to a motel isn’t a big deal… but hearing that on two occassions he may have enjoyed the luxury of a motel bed saddened me.  Honestly, if you can’t trust tv, who can you trust?

Adding to my shame, my parents called shenanigans on this show well before I was willing to believe it.

SAJ has a couple commercials on tv.  For those of you who haven’t seen them, check them out:

We had a lot of family in town this weekend to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my aunt and uncle. While much of my family lives in the area, there is one uncle in particular (Rick) who lives in New Hampshire that we don’t get to see as often as we like.

For those of you who don’t know him, check out this clip I saw on the Daily show that reminds me of him. Who knew that Rick and Brian Williams of NBC news are twins separated at birth – personality, sense of humor, mannerisms, and even looks (Brian is probably a tad more attractive, but Rick can certainly hold his own…)

Two Sidenotes:
– I would watch the ‘Nightly News’ if Brian Williams would show an ounce of his real personality instead of his boring “anchor” personality
– Nice to see someone be able to take it and dish it back out with Jon Stewart. He obviously likes/respects Brian a lot more than the Crossfire guys (this clip was the death knell for the now cancelled Crossfire).

In case you haven’t heard, David Beckham had his debut with the LA Galaxy last night in an exhibition game against Chelsea of the EPL. For the first time in a long time, a US soccer story led Sportscenter … pretty cool.

Of more interest to me however was another EPL vs. MLS game last night played under a lot less fanfare – Everton vs. Real Salt Lake. Everton is my favorite EPL team, so I was very curious how they did.

Knowing that Sportscenter wouldn’t cover it, I went straight to And I found a match report. Yeah, a match report of Real Salt Lake vs. “Chelsea”. Unreal… why report on a game if you can’t even get something as basic as the teams right.

On a side note, looks like Everton didn’t do too hot, so I am glad I didn’t see it.

A guy dressed as Borat crashed the tour de france… High Five!

Andy Rutledge has done a great job verbalizing many of my thoughts about CNN’s redesign.  I can definitely get behind his term “Quiet Structure.”

The misfits.The rebels.
The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Apple Computer

This just about made me cry. Our friends over at “Will it blend” have taken on the latest pop culture icon, the iPhone.

Introverted INtuitive Feeling Judging – yeah, I can see how I would be pegged as such:

  • Rarest personality type; estimated 2% of population
  • private
  • sensitive
  • quiet leaders
  • great depth of personality – intricately and deeply woven, mysterious, and highly complex, sometimes puzzling even themselves
  • introverted
  • sometimes seen by others as cold and hard on the outside
  • may find it easier to express their deepest feelings and sentiments non-verbally or in writing
  • abhor evil or injustice, especially that directed towards the innocent or helpless
  • are sometimes looked upon by others as naive, mostly due to our idealism
  • aren’t terribly career-minded
  • love quotes/quotations and are often “philosophers” or “theologists”
  • give advice, though usually more subtly than most other Directors.
  • “Mute withdrawal is a major INFJ defense.”
  • abstract in communicating
  • live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities – part of an unusually rich inner life
  • artistic (and natural affinity for art), creative, and easily inspired
  • very independent
  • orderly view towards the world but within themself arranged in a chaotic, complex way only they could understand

INFJs value their integrity a great deal. They have high expectations of themselves and need to live their lives in accordance with what they feel is right. They do this through total trust of their intuition.

INFJs are proud of their authenticity, respectful of their benevolence, confident of their empathy.

They are activists there for the cause, not for the power, fantasize about getting revenge on those who victimize the defenseless, and put a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done.

An INFJ is often hard to get to know. They are selective about their friends, but such a friendship is a symbiotic bond that transcends mere words… They hunger for deep and meaningful relationships, provide spiritual intimacy for their mates, and can only be emotionally intimate and fulfilled with a chosen few from among their long-term friends, family, or obvious “soul mates.” In such relationships, they strive for mutuality, don’t believe in compromising their ideals, and can understand and deal with complex issues and people.

It can be difficult for an INFJ to articulate their deepest and most convoluted feelings to others. They tend to be secretive by holding back and protecting part of themselves, thus creating hidden sides to their personality. They are choosy of what and when to share things and tend to only truly do so with those they trust.

Strong empathic abilities, an unusually strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others while pointing out human potentials

They are often leaders who go unnoticed, quietly exerting their influence behind the scenes. When working with others, they are very sensitive to conflict and cannot tolerate it very well. They will prevent/avoid it at all costs.

Thanks for the info…

So for those of you who know me, think it fits? 

Interesting side note – other INFJs: Dostoevsky, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Oprah, Jimmy Carter and Billy Crystal.

One of the things I would like to do before I die is see a tornado (and hopefully even get a good shot or two of it).  I have always loved weather, especially thunderstorms.  The power and beauty are both so amazing in a good storm.

Mike, the guy behind (his flickr page) lives on the edge, but I think I would really enjoy that for a couple weeks …

Here are some interesting photos of macbook pro’s (or powerbooks) that have been laser engraved. I think the homage to Magritte is my favorite.

Mix together some hitchhikers, pan-handling, photography, blogging, life-casting, lot’s o’ gasoline, gps tracking, and a helmet mounted camera and you end up with this unique way to spend a summer –

This guy is offering to pick anyone up and drop them off where ever they want (looks like he is in atlanta right now), as payment, they need to pay for half the gas and share their stories with him.  He is even documenting every purchase he is making and others can “support” him by picking up the tab for anything he does (through paypal).
What a great way to spend a summer.  I wish I had thought of this while I was in college – I would have done it in a second.  Talk about some memories …

It is really too bad that this little piece of fiction is not true. On a side note, how can an internet rumor be this old and widespread and I hadn’t heard of it yet?

While most of you don’t know my college friend James, he recently had a kid and has decided to start blogging about it, from his kid’s point of view.  It is hysterical – it is a strange amalgam of his sense of humor mixed with Stewie from family guy… good stuff.

This will likely blow it away.  Adobe is going to put Photoshop online!!!  That will save me some $ if it is any good.

For the less geeky who check this blog, Google has gained a bit of a following due to the fact that they play an April Fools joke on the internet every year.  This year’s TiSP is pretty impressive.

My personal favorite was a couple years ago when they realized that people were looking for the joke, they announced GMail on april fools, and no one believed them thinking it was just another joke…

I stumbled upon this drawing and it illustrated a big part of my concept of success.

Looks like someone outside Portland is promoting a better browser by whatever means he can …

Another geeky web 2.0 tool, but this is great for those without access to photoshop.  For the onslaught of people who want to post photos to myspace or facebook or anything else, this is an excellent application.  (It is kind of like an online picassa).
Check out

Here is an extensive presentation on form design and usability.  While most around here will have no interest in this presentation, my friends over at my old job may want to check this out.  I still haven’t made it all the way through it, but around slide 15 it gets pretty practical…

Anyone have a joost account that wants to invite me?  I’d love to peek in on the beta here and see how things are going.

When you can’t seem to find just the right words to express your love for your mum, let Mr. T do it for you!  Sadly I didn’t find this in time for Mother’s Day…

I can’t imagine the time needed to set something like this up, but if you enjoy fire near as much as I do, you may want to check this out.

In an example of the internet directly affecting real life – this is just a guy who just desperately wants attention

For those of you who are not aware, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is an internet joke used to test limits of free speech and freedom of religion.   While no one believes it is actually TRUE, many athiests and agnostics have adopted its use to counter any point – typically pushing to an absurd proportion.  Unlike traditional faiths that believe their view is truth and thus would like to convince others of the truth – the pastafarians  simply try to convince all parties that ALL beliefs (theirs included) are ridiculous.

My youth minister introduced me to this message given by the late S.M. Lockridge back when I was in high school. The background music could have been mixed better (too loud at times) but the original message still rings loud and clear. (here is the sermon text in case you would like to read it)

You heliskiied. You bungee jumped. You ran with the bulls and swam with sharks. When skydiving lost its thrill, you picked up basejumping … but it still wasn’t enough. For you my friend, you need to check out “Speed Gliding” (combining heliskiing with basejumping and kitesurfing).

(Keep watching for the part where the “slope” just drops off into an enourmous cliff – insane!)

A friend and I have been toying around with the idea of customizing wordpress (which powers chriswho) to turn it into a custom CMS that we could then turn around and use for freelance purposes. This weekend I came across Silverstripe though, and I’m wondering if we really need to do all that work – this could be what we are looking for. Has anyone ever heard of this (or anything like it) and have any recommendations or words of warning? I think I may try silverstripe out pretty soon. And being open source, we could still customize it as we want … If anyone has thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them.

Oh, and on the freelance side of things, sidejobtrack could be pretty cool.

This is an interesting video commentary on my professional field – a great overview, as well as an intriguing commentary on what this means for our culture/future.

Maybe I’m just too private or old fashioned, but things like this make me think about topics like microformats… I’m a firm believer in seperating content from presentation, however I (right now) have no interest in making it easier for machines to index any sort of personal info about me or anyone else … if the machines are going to take over, I’m not going to make it any easier for them.

(I honestly have no fear of SkyNet happening …)

My cousin just received the honor of being the athlete of the month for his college. He is a great tennis player, and it is cool to see him grab some honors like this. Congrats Robbie!

There is a debate every year about the 2 post season college basketball tournaments, the NCAA and the NIT. The NCAA selects the best (and all the automatic bids), and then the NIT gets to take it’s pick of the “best of the rest”. A second rate tourney… minimal TV coverage, and rarely any of the really good teams. The best the NIT hopes for is a big name program to have a bad year, bad enough that the NCAA’s won’t want them, and then the NIT can have them (like Syracuse this year).

Anyway, if the NIT ever hopes to be seen as legit, they may want to treat their champions better. The West VirginIa Mountaineers won the title, and were given these wonderful t-shirts to celebrate in. Anyone notice anything funny about the shirts? Way to go N_T.

West Virgina, huh?

Grace, humility, service, and forgiveness lived out in a way we seldom hear.  Thank you Jonnes.

The preproduced digital shorts are the only REALLY funny things coming out of SNL these days and this one with Peyton Manning is classic.

The announcer of this Giant Slalom downhill race stepped up to the plate with some TOP NOTCH commentary about this unexpected event. I still can’t decide which impromptu one-liner is my favorite:

  • Oh the gate to the groin play
  • You could hear it and if you’re a man you could feel it
  • Oh Frenchman, Oh Messieurs
  • Wow, the boys took a beating on that one
  • That guy needs a hug

Sidenote – So you can hear the sound the skis make on the snow, they wire the whole slope for sound. In this case that lets you hear some great audio of the skier’s pain. God bless the internets.

For someone like me who believes in man’s inherit depravity, not innocence, movies like the “Saw” franchise are very disturbing. Yes, the graphic violence is hard to take, but with this franchise in particular, something else was far more bothersome … unlike other movies that use violence as a way to “futher” the plot, Saw is less about the actual violent act as it is the shear terror of the victim leading up to the act.

Despite the “R” rating, kids are the ones that enjoy these sorts of movies. And we already have a winner for the first kids to copycat this film. “Thankfully” it was just a prank, but even the prank terrorized this poor woman enough to cause a stroke. Ironically, this happened in Nashville … the capitol of the bible belt.

My current employer just launched its new and improved design, so go check out the new look…

I had some say in the design and a lot of work in the implementation. It is a lot bolder, and IMO a lot more intuitive, especially on the employer side. While you are there, check out the new bios page … I work with some pretty cool (and impressive) people (and the designs on that page are all mine).

No one has ever described me as nomadic. I don’t have any longing to travel extensively. However, this video of Matt “dancing” all over the world made me smile. Watch the whole thing… I am very impressed with how extensive it is. I am also impressed that he ended up landing a sponsorship from Stride chewing gum.

For more info about Matt, check out I bet you he made a lot of people smile.

Something the “real” news outlets aren’t talking about…

Thursday night, the tiny European country of Liechtenstein was invaded by the one neighbor they never thought they had to fear… Switzerland. I kid you not, a company of armed Swiss soldiers “invaded” Liechtenstein!

Sure, it was an accident. They got lost in the dark. They weren’t carrying ammo. No one in Liechtenstein even noticed! The details take most of the fun out of this story.

On a sidenote, it is interesting to note how “free” some countries borders apparently are. Can you imagine the firestorm the media would have if a regimen of Mexican soldiers carrying weapons made it a mile or two into Texas?

Once I figured out the poor navigation, I realized this site has some wonderfully artistic photos of “Unexpected and Neglected Architecture.” I love this concept for a series and think there is something heartbreaking yet remarkably gorgeous about the way that time, weather, gravity, and neglect have altered these once proud structures.

While the music is unimpressive, this is a must watch video for any Karate Kid (or 80’s pop culture) fan.

I am enough of a geek to think this is a big deal, but I got credited by Joshua Blankenship on the front page of his blog today (re: Point Break LIVE)! Joshua oozes creativity (remarkable visual designer, musician, writer, etc.) and someone who has been influencing me for over a year now. I’ve been “blogging” for a grand total of 6 weeks so to have already been mentioned by someone of his caliber is pretty cool. But enough with the gushing…

And while on a normal day, making Joshua Blankenship’s blog would be a highlight, but today something far more meaningful and important happened

So what do you think? Was the inventor of “PetSpa”:

  • A – a cat lover who was tired of the battle wounds from trying to wash his/her cat
  • B – a cat hater who simply LOVES teasing the silly felines and figured why not make some cash at the same time

The music this is set to definately adds that special something that bumps this from “funny” up to “classic!”

PS – Feel free to check out this video for some more funny cat moments